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Physical Education


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Our aim is for all students to participate in and enjoy a broad range of high quality physical activities, fostering a culture of healthy, active lifestyles. We encourage our students to be able to develop core values through both recreational and competitive sport; encompassing teamwork, respect, enjoyment, discipline and sportsmanship.

We offer our students diverse academic pathways; allowing all the opportunity to achieve success and to make informed choices to enrich future well-being.

What is offered by the PE department

Physical Education promotes the school motto: “learning for life” in preparing students to be active and healthy after they leave school. We try to encourage students to find activities which they enjoy and which they can continue to participate in into their adulthood.

Our curriculum is extensive, offering a wide range of sports and activities, both in competitive and recreational situations.

Extra-curricular activities

At The Burgate we offer a vast range of extra-curricular activities both at lunchtime and after school. These activities range from recreational clubs such as Badminton, Trampolining or Softball to competitive fixtures and team practices in the major games such as: Rugby, Netball and Hockey.

These activities are run by a variety of leaders: the PE department, young leaders from our own main school programme, other members of staff, volunteers from the community or external coaches.

Download our PE Kit Policy including our Non-Participation Policy



Our New Forest fixtures are always posted on the PE notice boards. While we try to adhere to these dates there may be cause for them to be rearranged at short notice. This is unavoidable, but your son/daughter will be informed via either the PE notice board or via a message from the teacher in charge. Other dates will be in addition to those listed, especially county events whereby qualification is necessary.

Inter school fixtures whereby a single team is involved do not require a letter of parental consent and therefore no letter will go home to parents about any individual sports fixture. Students will be notified via the PE notice board where a team list will be put up giving the date, venue and time of completion of fixture. It is the responsibility of the student to inform the parent of the details of the fixture and to ensure they can make their way home afterwards.

Any student needing to make a phone call home relating to any sporting activity may do so, from the PE office, whether this is due to a cancelled fixture or after school club, or a late addition to the team etc.

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PE 3 IMG 8454 croppedCurriculum Information

Years 7, 8

In key stage 3 students will visit PE for two hours per week. They will be taught in groups which are streamed by ability and will follow approximately four week rotations encompassing the activities shown in the curriculum guides below.

Year 7 Curriculum Guide
Year 8 Curriculum Guide

In these lessons students will acquire and develop the skills required for a range of activities whilst being given the opportunity to select and apply tactics, techniques and compositional devices that have been learned and practised in modified competitive situations, students then progress to fully recognised activities.

Here we begin to instil the characteristics of teamwork and respect, sharing of ideas, leadership and above all self-confidence. All students can access these key skills in a safe and effective learning environment created outside of the classroom.

Years 9, 10, 11 

Core PE

In Key Stage 4 students will visit PE for a minimum of 2 hours per week. Students will be taught in both single sex groups, streamed by ability as well as in mixed ability and mixed gender classes. All students are encouraged to build upon the skills acquired in the lower school and to further explore the tactical and compositional theories relating to specific activities; they are also given the opportunity to take part in a range of new activities. With more freedom of choice it is hoped that the students can begin to specialise in their chosen sport or continue exploring options until they find an activity they can enjoy on leaving school.

There can be a more recreational feel to lessons at the end of Key Stage 4, reflecting the type of active society the students will encounter post 16.

PE Examinations

In Year 9, 10 and 11 students follow one of two pathways for examination in PE:

  • AQA - GCSE Physical Education is suited to the more academic student who is strong in Science and competes across a range of sports at a high level.
  • OCR - Cambridge National Sports Studies is a more vocational qualification, suited to students who are less scientifically minded and who compete in fewer sports at a lower level.

In Year 9, students will spend the Autumn term following a largely theoretical content of health and well-being and body systems. After Christmas the groups will be split into the two academic pathways.

Curriculum Guides for Years 9,10 &11 GCSE and Cambridge National Qualifications:

AQA - GCSE Physical Education
OCR - Cambridge National Sports Studies

Sixth Form: Year 12, 13

We offer students the Cambridge Technical level 3 Extended Certificate in Sport and Physical Activity OCR - 05827. 

This course is a vocational qualification in terms of content and assessment. There is a mixture of coursework units which are internally assessed and externally moderated and units which are externally examined. Five units are to be covered in total over the two years of study.

Curriculum Guide for Years 12 &13