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Results Information 2018

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  • INSET Day School closed to students
    2 Sep
  • Autumn Term begins for Year 7 and Year 11 Prefects
    3 Sep
  • Year 12 enrolment
    3 Sep
  • Year 13 enrolment
    3 Sep
  • Autmn Term begins for all students
    4 Sep

Official Progress 8 Scores of Local Comprehensive Schools - view here

We’re delighted to share our official Progress 8 Scores for 2018. Not only does this place The Burgate as the top performing local comprehensive school in the area but third out of 143 schools across Hampshire.

Progress 8 Rating
Progress 8 Score
The Burgate School and Sixth Form     Above Average 0.33
Ringwood School Above Average 0.23
St Joseph’s Catholic School Average 0.21
St Edmund’s Girls’ School Average 0.20
The Trafalgar School, Downton Average 0.04
Sarum Academy Average 0.03
Wyvern College Average 0
South Wiltshire UTC   -1.24

Above Average is about 17% of schools in England
Average is about 37% of schools in England


Please click here for a direct link to our 2018 performance tables.

GCSE achievements of our students at the end of Key Stage 4 

  2017 2018
Progress 8 score for the school (available later in the Autumn Term)
-0.14 0.33
Attainment 8 score for the school 49.0 54.1
% achieving English and Maths at Grade 4 (standard pass) or more 76% 79.3%
% achieving English and Maths at Grade 5 (strong pass) 44% 56.4%
% achieving English and Maths at Grade 7  10.4% 12%
% achieving the English Baccalaureate (Grade 5+ in English & Maths and C Grade+ in Science, History/Geography and a Language) 22% 18.6%
English Baccalaureate Average Point Score per entry n/a 4.80

 Percentage of students staying in education or employment after Key Stage 4 is 95%


GCSE Progress 8 2018 web

GCSE percent of students achieving Grade 4and above in English and Maths 2018 web


GCSE percent of student achieving Grade 5 and above in English and Maths 2018 web


Key Stage 5   A-Level Results


Overall APS Per Entry


Overall Average Grade Per Entry


Value Added Score for A level


Retention % of students who complete the end of their study programme


Student destinations 2018

   Continuing in education

   Employment (inc. Armed Services)


   Gap Year







A Level Value Added 2018 v2

 A level Average point score per entry 2018 web

 A Level percent of Astar B Grades 2018 web

 A level Astar C Grade 2018 web


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