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Morality and Philosophy in Law Workshop

Morality and philosophy in law workshop Mar 2019Morality and philosophy in law workshop 2 Mar 2019There was a fantastic opportunity for our Sixth Form students on Thursday 7th March, when through the school's involvement with Debating Matters for many years, Mr E Bailey the school's Most Able Gifted and Talented Coordinator was given the fantastic offer from a busy practicing solicitor from London to come to our school and run a three hour workshop giving students an insight into the moral and philosophical aspects underpinning a genuine legal case.

Mr Luke Gittos generously gave up his time as part of a pilot scheme of which The Burgate School and Sixth Form was only the second school to take part, the first being a large London school.

Luke has a long involvement with the Freedom Law Clinic who aim to give legal representation to individuals including those who may have been involved in a miscarriage of justice and could not otherwise have legal counsel.

The Freedom Law Clinic already have a scheme in place working with undergraduates who help with actual case work in ongoing legal cases and therefore gain invaluable insights into aspects of the legal process and the reality of the legal system.

The pilot scheme aims to give Sixth Form students the same insights and is invaluable for students who may be thinking about a career in law or who have an interest in morality or philosophy.

It was a genuinely rewarding and stimulating three hours and the school is very grateful to Luke for the session.

Some thought from our students:

"This workshop was a really interesting insight into the philosophy behind UK law and the justice system, giving a unique look into the different variations of law which you may not be able to learn about anywhere else! "

 Fin   L6 Student

"The Morality and philosophy of law session has helped me gained a basic understanding of the Court of Appeal. Most importantly, it gave me an insight into the deep philosophy thoughts behind appealing a criminal case, starting from basic analysis on principles such as culpability and the probabilities of causes."

Jing   U6 Student

"I found the law workshop interesting, as it gave me an insight into what a solicitor has to do in order to argue a case. What I found most interesting was seeing the different scenarios that had to be considered and being given the chance to think about it for myself. The only improvement I would ask for would be less talking from the leader and more of us doing the work ourselves. Overall, it was a really helpful experience, in order to help me decide whether or not I would like to go into law."

Chiara  L6 Student

"These are my thoughts on the workshop; The session opened my eyes to the high level of open interpretation that was present in our legal system, up until this workshop I understood the workings of law to be black and white, yet now I have a greater ability to understand how lawyers have to deconstruct meaning in order to extract relevance from the legislation. The use of real case examples and the knowledge and experience of the speaker was extremely beneficial.

 Thank you for organising the day."

Ben   U6 Student