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Record Results for The Burgate School as 80% of students gained Grade 4 or more in both English and Maths

GCSE Level Results Day 3The Year 11 students of the Burgate School have proven their dedication to achieve the very best results and have improved significantly on the school’s results from last year. This is despite the fact that many subjects were graded on the new 9-1 system for the first time in 2018 and that the government has introduced new specifications which are more academically rigorous.

This year's headline figure of Attainment 8 has increased substantially from 49.0 in 2017 to 54.1 in 2018. The performance of boys compared to girls is very similar, and our boys in particular have shown a dramatic increase in their overall results compared to 2017. A stunning 80% of students gained Grade 4 or more in both English and Maths, which is a rise of 4% compared to last year. Similarly, 55% of students gained Grade 5 or more in English and Maths, which is an increase of 11% from 2017 and constitutes another year on year improvement.

Over 3% of grades were awarded Grade 9 this year, which is the highest grade possible and equivalent to an A*+.  Some subjects had an impressive haul of Grade 9s, such as Biology with 21%, Drama with 18%, Physics with 13% and German with 10%. Other subjects had a similarly  high percentage of A* Grades such as Further Mathematics with 40%, Textiles with 17%, Graphics with 12.5% and Media Studies with 9%.

More able students performed strongly with 13% of all results at the new grade 9/8 (equivalent to A*+/A*). This increase in the number of top grades was reflected in six students who achieved a stunning straight set of Grades at 7-9 or A*/A equivalent. Top attaining students with their number of grades at 9 - 7 included:

1 Louis Neave-Howes (5 Grade 9s, 3 Grade 8s and 1 Grade 7)

2 Jonas Newbigging (4 Grade 9s, 4 Grade 8s and 3 Grade 7s)

3 Adam Young (3 Grade 9s, 4 Grade 8s and 2 Grade 7s)

4 Rosie Thomson (3 Grade 9s and 2 Grade 7s)

5 Kate Wynn (2 Grade 9s, 4 Grade 8s, 3 Grade 7s)

6 Adam Alilou (1 Grade 9, 5 Grade 8s and 3 Grade 7s)

7 Ellie Lewis (5 Grade 8s, 5 Grade 7s)

Our Head Boy and Head Girl also proved their worth with their examination results. Fin Black gained 1 Grade 9, 2 Grade 8s and 3 Grade 7s, whilst our Head Girl Daisy Davison gained 4 Grade 8s and 3 Grade 7s. Fin couldn’t wait to open his results this morning: “I just wanted to rip open the envelope. I wanted nothing lower than a 6 and that’s what I got. I’m pretty chuffed there’s a 9 in there and I have some good grades to show for the hard work. Next year I am definitely staying on at The Burgate!”

Headteacher David Pover said, “In a year of new territory for examination grades and tougher GCSEs, I am really delighted with how well Burgate students have done. They have significantly improved on last year’s English and Maths grades which is a strong indicator for overall success. I am especially pleased with the number of top grade nines, as well as the results of students of all abilities, many of whom have performed better than expected. As a school we have worked exceptionally hard to prepare our students for new subject specifications and examinations – so to achieve these results in that context is even more brilliant.”

Mr Pover took time to congratulate all the students individually including Lucy Stevenson (pictured).  Lucy was realistic about the hard work that went into her achievements and was looking forward to marking her success with friends before returning to study at The Burgate in September: “I worked hard and got out what I put in. I am staying on next year at The Burgate Sixth Form to do Art, Business and Maths. First though, I am going to go out with my friends to celebrate.”

Ellie Lewis was likewise keen to celebrate, but only once she had calmed down: “I’ve got no plan for today: I am just back from holiday and everything has just happened. I will make some plans to celebrate when I have stopped shaking.”

Hard work also clearly paid off forJuliet Brackley who reflected on her 9 in English Language: “I have passed all of them. One of my fears was that I’d fail one; and I put in lots of work, so I am pleased.”

Feeling the pressure like most was Adam Alilou: “I felt nervous walking in: there was something in my stomach. Then I was really excited to get the results and really relieved when I opened them. Now I am really, really happy. Further Maths was really tough so it’s great to get an A*:  but it was the 7s and 8s in English that really surprised me.”

Indeed, for many students, like Rosie Thomson, these results represent not just the students’ achievement in Main School but also a passport to the Burgate Sixth Form: “I am supposed to be the smart one in the family and now I am! I passed everything including Science! I got three 9s: two in the A-level subjects I want to do so  I am going to stay on at The Burgate: it’s just a really nice school to be at.”

Gratitude to the staff was a sentiment expressed by many. For Louis Neave-Howes the opportunity to carry on with the same teachers has been pivotal in deciding what he is going to do next: “I am really pleased. I can’t believe I got so many 9s. And in German!  Obviously I am going to stay on, to do Maths, Further Maths, Economics and Biology.  I think it’s an easier transition and I know the teachers; and it’s worked so far! Dr Graeble is really good and I got a 9 in Biology. My Maths and German teachers were amazing too.”

The facilities and staff at Burgate obviously play their part in student achievement. Jonas Newbigging attributed his success to the confidence he has in his teachers: “When I got through the doors my legs started to shake: it was the moment of truth! But I got better than expected. 8s and 9s in English was surprising as my targets were 7s. I am really pleased with Further Maths.  I am staying at The Burgate: it’s local and convenient and I’ve really enjoyed being at the school. The teaching has been really good and I have a lot of trust in it.”

Chloe Lohr, who is looking forward to the friendly atmosphere of the Sixth Form, also has her sights set on university life beyond: “I am staying on at The Burgate to do Chemistry, Biology and Spanish. At the end of Sixth Form I want to go to University to do Dermatology. I am actually excited to be back at Burgate, but to have more freedom in the college”.

All students are to be congratulated on their tremendous achievements, which are a testament to the hard work and dedication they have shown throughout the last year. The vast majority have achieved the grades they require to continue onto their chosen post-16 course and the school looks forward to welcoming most of the cohort into the Sixth Form in September.

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