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A level Transition Packs


We have created some transition packs which are now available to download – just click on the subject.

All packs have information about your chosen subjects and also tasks for you to do over the next few weeks in preparation for the start of your A level courses.

See also Study Skills Tasks for you to complete each week - these links are at the bottom of this page.

We look forward to seeing you in September.

Art & Design A level Transition Pack (includes Photography, 3D Design and Textiles)

Biology A level Transition Pack

Business A level Transition Pack

Chemistry A level Transition Pack
see also:  1. Balancing Equations    2. Maths in Chemistry    3. Practical Skills

Computer Science A level Transition Pack

Drama and Theatre A level Transition Pack      A level Drama and Theatre Preparation Tasks 2020

Economics A level Transition Pack

English Language A level Transition Pack

English Literature A level Transition Pack

French A level Transition Pack

Geography A level Transition Pack

History A level Transition Pack

Maths A level Transition Pack

Media Studies A level Transition Pack

Music A level Transition Pack

PE A level Transition Pack

Physics A level Transition Pack

Politics A level Transition Pack

Psychology A level Transition Pack         Psychology - Prove your commitment  
     Check out these great resources for those preparing to take Psychology: Psychology Lockdown

RS (Philosophy & Ethics) A level Transition Pack

Sociology A level Transition Pack                Sociology - Prove your commitment

Spanish A level Transition Pack


Year 11 Transition Study Skills Tasks

A new task will be set weekly here as a PowerPoint pdf document and videos.

The Vimeo link and password will stay constant and can be viewed here.

Week 1 - Note-taking task

Instructions for students

Note-taking styles vary but sixth forms and universities require students to develop a technique of being selective and aiding recall. Cornell style is a key technique and you are going to learn it here so you are ready for the next step in your studies.

1. On the Vimeo channel, you watch the first video of students discussing note-taking

2. On the Vimeo channel, you watch this video about the note-taking task

3. You complete the PPT task on note-taking with the various links embedded in the PPT.

Week 2 - Making notes from a lecture, podcast or video task

Week 3 - Having a goal

Week 4 - Independent Learning

Week 5 - Understanding Harder Topics

Week 6 - Organisation

Week 7 

This week there is no PPT. Watch the video about choosing Sixth Form courses. This video is designed to support any subject-specific bridging work your centre provides: inspiring students to take an interest in their chosen courses and be motivated to study.

Week 8 - Procrastination: Phones and Social Media

Week 9 - A level Mindset

Week 10 & 11 - The benefits of Extra-Curricular Opportunities