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Students and Parents


Pupil Premium

Statutory Information for Academy Year 2019-20

Pupil premium is additional funding provided by the Government to enhance the education of the most socio-economically deprived. These include children in care, adopted children, those students entitled to Free School meals (currently or within the last 6 years).

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Transport & Bus Information

As a school we fully understand that children travelling to school on their own can be a daunting prospect for them and parents alike. To support our parents and students we maintain excellent relations with transport providers allowing us access to an extensive network of transport provision to our school. We work very closely with these providers to ensure safe, convenient and cost effective travel for all.

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Our values and beliefs

  • We believe in ‘Learning for Life’ for all our students
  • We value the differences and diversity that exist within the school community
  • We promote inclusion
  • We believe that every Burgate child matters.


We aim to:

  • Meet the needs of the whole child
  • Remove barriers to learning
  • Raise student self-esteem
  • Build student confidence, independence and resilience.
  • Provide personalised support and teaching within a relevant and carefully tailored curriculum.


We recognise that all students have the right to take part fully in every aspect of the life of the school and we do everything we can to make this possible. We are committed to making our curriculum and extra-curricular activities accessible to all our students and we are striving to make our school site and buildings as accessible as possible to all our students, staff, parents and users.


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Student Welfare

 Access is our in-school support network offering confidential support and advice for our students. Every effort is made to ensure everybody is happy and feels safe, yet sometimes students might feel they need to approach someone in school if they have a problem.

If any student would like the support of the Access Team we can be contacted by email at


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More Able Students

Our more able students enjoy many opportunities to extend their learning either in school or externally on trips or visits. The first and foremost of these is stretch and challenge opportunities in the classroom, which aims to provide all our students with opportunities to extend and enrich their knowledge. Below are some examples of what we have been doing this year outside of lessons.

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Extra Curricular Activities

We run a range of extra curricular activities in the following areas:Sports   Music   Science  Drama   Amnesty International Youth Group and Many Others

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The role of a prefect is a very important one and should not be undertaken lightly. Not only do the younger pupils in the school look to prefects as role models and pupils who are there to help and support them in many different aspects of their school life, but also parents and visitors to the school do too.

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Enrichment Week 2019

This is an exciting week for students to enjoy activities and trips that they have not done before.  There is a range of activity choices from craft workshops to day trips out and curriculum activities.  Fun to be had by all!

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