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Transport, Bus and Travel Information


As a school we understand that children travelling to school on their own can be a daunting prospect for them and parents alike. To support our parents and students we maintain excellent relations with transport providers allowing us access to an extensive network of transport provision to our school. We work very closely with these providers to ensure safe, convenient and cost effective travel for all.

For more details of our Burgate School Travel Plan click here.

Our transport network


Our Transport Routes

Route No./Name




Burgate School

N Gorley / S Gorley / Ogdens Crossroads / Hyde School/ Frogham / Stuckton


Burgate School

Rockbourne / Whitsbury





Sal Reds

Hale / Woodfalls / Morgans Vale / Downton /Breamore


Sal Reds

Wilton / Devizes Rd / Ridings Mead / Rowbarrow / Britford / Bodenham / Charlton / Downton / Breamore


Sal Reds

Victoria Park / City Centre / W Harnham / Britford / Bodenham / Charlton / Downton / Breamore


Sal Reds

Bishopdown Farm / City Centre / Britford / Bodenham / Charlton / Downton / Breamore


Sal Reds

Netherhampton / Broadchalke / Bishopstone / Coombe Bissett / Martin / Damerham / Sandleheath / Fordingbridge


Sal Reds

Whaddon / Alderbury /West Harnham / Rowbarrow / Britford / Bodenham / Charlton / Downton / Breamore

New Forest Loop

Burgate School

West Grimstead / Landford / Nomansland / Poulner / Ibsley

New Forest Villages

Burgate School

Redlynch / Woodfalls / Hale / Woodgreen / Godshill

Whiteparish Burgate Minibus

Burgate School

Martins Rise / Village Shop / Highlands Way

Alderholt Sixth Form Minibus

Burgate School

Windsor Way / Birchwood Drive / Earlswood Drive



As per published timetable

Download our Bus Timetable for 2018-19 for detailed routes and timings


For Students Entitled To Travel Assistance (Free Transport)

Travel Assistance is the service provided by your own local authority where you are entitled to free transport to our school. For this to be so you must live in catchment but not nearer than three miles from the school or not have suitable walking routes to the school. If you live out of catchment and no place is available at your catchment school this may entitle you to transport assistance also. Transport is provided either by the awarding of a bus pass or by arranged taxi. In some circumstances the LA may pay petrol costs to parents.

 If you believe you may be entitled to assisted transport to The Burgate please contact the appropriate transport department detailed below. They will advise you how to apply.

Hampshire residents

01962 846924

Hampshire Website

Wiltshire residents

0300 4560100

Wiltshire Website

Dorset residents

01305 221060

Dorset Website


Ticket Purchasing for all Services

We have a number of different service providers supporting our school and thus ticket purchase arrangements are slightly different depending upon the provider. In identifying how to purchase a ticket please find the relevant service in the table above and note the provider. 

For all services provided ‘Sal Reds’ (Salisbury Reds), please go to

Here you can purchase a scholars pass for a half term or term. You will need a jpeg image of your child for the pass. Please note scholars pass holders are entitled to use all Salisbury Red services, the X3 service between Salisbury and Ringwood (not 0730 service) and Park and Ride services 24/7. 

For all services provided by ‘Burgate School’, please email [email protected] for further details and to make application. These are services with a range of providers where we support you by administering the available seats on their behalf. Applications will be dealt with in order of date and time of receipt of email. There is limited provision on some of these services. 

For MP013 service from Alderholt, please contact Solent Coaches directly on 01425 473188.

Transport Support for Families with three or more students or for Sixth Form Bursary Students 

For families with three or more students studying with us or for students in our Sixth Form entitled to Bursary Support (Pupil Premium in years 7 to 11) we can financially contribute to transport. This can be up to £500 pa.

If you would like further details please email [email protected]

Conduct On Buses

There is a clear expectation students will use transport services sensibly and respectfully. Students appreciate the calm and comfortable environment on the vehicles. Students are expected to conform with the Burgate Transport Behaviour Code. If students do not treat each other and the services with respect they can expect to be dealt with in accordance with this code and school behaviour policy.